Would You Like to Rent a Server in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is famous for its channels, distinguishable architecture, pot brownies, and red-light district. But it’s notable not only because of all of those reasons. Users seeking reliable hosting providers might know that VPS Netherlands is a node of choice for e-commerce companies with European target audiences. Why? Let’s discuss it below.

Why choose the Netherlands

It is advisable to get a server somewhere in the area of your target audience, so if you’re dealing with the European market, you might consider the Netherlands. Besides the location, another reason for it being a popular place of hosting is a highly developed IT and engineering industries there. You can rest assured that all the personnel in a company that maintains your server is highly educated and trained, and the facilities correspond to all the modern protocols.

Best VPS hosting provider

When you’ve decided on the location of your server, it’s time to search for the best provider suitable specifically for you. There are a couple of features you might want to consider while picking a hosting service. Ideally, a provider should have:

  1. A reliable customer service, operating round the clock.
  2. A safe server facility that is up to the EU environmental regulations, where your data will be protected by multilevel security systems and stable climate control.
  3. A backup server for all of your information and a plan B in case of the power shortage or other emergencies to keep your site online under any circumstance.
  4. Compatibility with different platforms.
  5. Affordable prices.

A company in Amsterdam, that has all of the mentioned qualities is HostZealot. It has lots of hosting plans, for more experienced users and for beginners, suitable for hosting a smaller-sized website as well as large ones or even multiple. The cheapest plan costs €2.96 a month, and the most expensive – € 59.36, with a wide range in between. Which one to choose is completely up to your preferences.

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