What is the difference between asylum and refugees?

Everyone has been interested in moving to the USA. If you are being persecuted in your country, you feel unsafe, and your motherland doesn’t protect you, apply for political asylum or refugee status. Today we tell you about the difference between two terms: political asylum in the United States and refugee status.

Who can get refugee status?

The USA gives refugee status in several cases:

– If you are situating on the US territory now;

– If you leave the motherland because you were afraid of persecution by racial, religion, nationality, belonging to a particular social group, or political beliefs;

– If you can document that you have been persecuted or discriminated against;

– If your situation represents a case of special humanitarian assistance;

– If you fit the USA in all respects and don’t contradict its joint and laws;

– If you have not moved to other countries before.

Refugee status gives us the next opportunities:

1. Psychological help;

2. Obtaining a travel passport for refugees;

3. The opportunity to move your family to the United States on an accelerated program;

4. The right to work and helps in finding the job provided by special services;

5. Free teaching of English by individual courses;

6. The right to use health insurance Medicare and Medicaid;

7. Receiving benefits, including food stamps.

Refugee status can be applied if the refugee has close relatives in the United States, for instance, parents, spouses, brothers, sisters, grandmothers, and grandfathers who have immigration status. Refugee status is provided as a result of an interview at the US Embassy Migration Department.

Who can get a political asylum?
The USA gives political asylum in several cases:

– You can request political asylum in three ways: outside the USA, on the territory, or the border;

– If you seek political asylum on the US territory, you must stay in the country for one year;

– You can enter spouse and children to the Form;

– You should prove your problem by documents

– Put to the USA by direct flight because the US embassy will ask you for requesting political asylum in other countries.

The situations in different countries have worsened lately, and many people are looking for a better life in other countries all over the world. There are many ways to move to the USA. Political asylum and refugee status are one of them. Happy choice!

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