The Hidden Opportunity: Turning Waste into Profit

Substances that degrade the quality of the environment are called pollutants. Environmental pollutants include any foreign matter (material, energy) that is not characteristic of this environment: it can be various substances, thermal energy, electromagnetic waves, vibration energy, sound, radiation, which enter the environment in quantities sufficient to have a harmful effect on the environment.

      The release of various pollutants into the environment is called environmental pollution. Any human activity is accompanied by more or less environmental pollution. The global sources of environmental pollution are human production and domestic activities, as well as natural phenomena leading to emergencies. The most important material pollutants of the environment are production waste and by-products (if the latter enter the habitat). Production and consumption wastes are considered as sources of secondary raw materials, but, unfortunately, these wastes are not always disposed of as secondary raw materials. Consequently, production waste and by-products are the main source of environmental pollution by various chemical compounds.

      What is GreenPower?

      GreenPower is an international company which focuses on manufacturing equipment for processing various kinds of waste into useful products that are in demand on the market. The main processes, we use, include gasification, pyrolysis and activation. We offer the following equipment for charcoal production:

  • Continuous charcoal kiln BIO-KILN: This kiln is an environmentally friendly installation for the heat processing of different plant materials. With the help of it you will get high-quality charcoal.
  • Charcoal kiln EKKO-2: It is designed for getting high-quality charcoal and heat energy using low-temperature pyrolysis.
  • Charcoal kiln “Continuous”: The kiln is created for charcoal production from hardwood and softwood.

      We make every effort possible to develop the most effective environmentally-friendly equipment, constantly improving our products. Let’s take care of nature together. Contact GreenPower.

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