How to change the language in the Linux system?

Sometimes it is difficult to understand the working mechanism of a new OS, especially if you are doing it for the first time in your life. Therefore, all the processes in the Ubuntu system seem unclear and difficult to use. Today we will tell you about the changing of the language in the Linux system. 

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Changing the language of the Ubuntu System

There are two ways of changing the language. There is the step by step instructions:

  1. First, open the main menu. Then choose the option “System” and click on “Administration”. Press the button “localization”. This way, you open the needed page;
  1. Then you need to choose the main language. For example, in English. Press the button “details” and agree with all functions. Wait for downloading the main language and reboot your computer;
  1. Then you need to repeat the actions but choose the “System language” instead of “Localization”. Change the “Deleting and changing languages”, choose the right one, and save;
  1. Enter the password for downloading a language pack. Press the “Text” and choose a language again to be shown the time, currency, and other settings for your country;
  1. Now you need to add English (or other) to a list of languages. Open the system settings and choose “Keyboard”. Add the language to finish the process. 

It is easy to configure the system language. Today we described one of the two ways of changing language. By the way, the best VPS server with 24/7 help from employees is Learn more about basic configuration with the Host-World! 

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